The convenience of ordering with a mobile phone

How does it work for wholesalers?

The customer installs the free BarTrack App, scans the barcode of the product

to be ordered and clicks on "send". Done!


The wholesaler gets access to the BarTrack management environment, the 'HuB'

The webshop will be linked to the App

Wholesale sends an e-mail to the customer with an invitation

The customer installs the free BarTrack App and can start scanning


Link with the webshop

In order to use the App, only the webshop needs to be linked. This is possible for every webshop. Guaranteed.


A clear manual helps you with that. And if you don't manage, our helpdesk is always there for you.


The BarTrack HuB

This is BarTrack's personalized and secure management environment.

Here you can manage everything related to the App. You authorize users, get insight in the use of the App and have access to extensive statistical information. The HuB supports you with making the digital ordering process simpler and cheaper.

Printing barcodes

Are there no or incorrect barcodes at the customer's location? Then simply select in the HuB the products for which a barcode is needed and send it to the customer in pdf. The customer can then print the barcodes in any desired manner.

It is as simple as that.


Reduce the cost of each order

80% of the costs for handling an order comes from 20% of the customers. We thought that this should be done differently.


That's why we developed the BarTrack App. Just order with the mobile phone. Fast and error-free. At significantly lower costs.


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