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Managing and ordering stock items can be faster and easier!

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Manage products

Add stock location

Viewing statistics

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Order with Opticon scanner

Order with free app

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Having field sales service order on behalf of the customer


General manager Wholesaler

"Although it is not the majority of orders, the ones that come in by phone or mail are very labour intensive and therefore very expensive for me. I would prefer to receive all my orders digitally.


I also want to help my customers manage their stock better so that they can do their ordering on time. And of course I realize that I cannot supply all the items my customers want".


The BarTrack ordering platform

The new and independent ordering system in which the business orderer and wholesaler work together. Making ordering easier, faster and cheaper.

With BarTrack, the wholesaler not only delivers added value to its customers,

but also saves a lot of time and money.

What problems do we solve for you?

  • Increase the percentage of online orders and save a lot of time and money.

  • Keep up with developments. Let your customers order with one app or hand scanner. Avoid high development costs.

  • Let the field staff take orders on behalf of the customer. No more manually processing orders after visiting the customer.

  • Expand your customer base by accepting order requests from new customers.

  • Offer your customers a free inventory management solution with scanning (1BIN and 2BIN). 

  • Manage (grab) stocks together with your side on the mobile or online.

  • Advise your customers on the composition of the stock item file without having to create complicated internal reports first. 

  • Print barcode labels without much fuss. Printing labels is possible for both wholesale and customers. 

  • Connect your client in 4 easy steps and make use of BarTrack support services and materials. Save a lot of money and time.

  • Deliver a total solution that immediately excites your customers. Let your customer order at all connected wholesalers.


Take orders from the customer

Many wholesalers work with a field staff that also records orders when visiting customers. Taking orders on behalf of a customer is now also possible via the BarTrack App. The function can be set per customer.

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Order with the handheld scanner

You may know them. The small wireless handheld scanners from Opticon (OPN2001). You can also order with these hand scanners via BarTrack.


The orderer only has to download and install the software. This software can be found here


Take orders from the customer

Many wholesalers work with a field staff that also records orders when visiting customers. Taking orders on behalf of a customer is now also possible via the BarTrack App. The function can be set per customer.

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Printing of barcode labels

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Managing inventory starts with overview. Like knowing what products you have in stock. As far as we are concerned, barcodes are the key to this. That is why we have made it very easy to download or print barcodes yourself. Just via the Hub: log in, select and you're done!

Manage products and authorize customers

The HuB is the management environment in which everything around BarTrack is arranged and is therefore the heart of BarTrack.

Among other things, the Hub defines the link to the web store, imports item information and manages customers using the BarTrack App.

And so much more...

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Orders directly in your webshop

The customer scans the barcode with the App and clicks on the link in the email sent by the App. The items are then directly in the shopping cart of the selected web store. 

This is possible because of the unique, patented technique developed by BarTrack, which allows an order to be placed for multiple products, which are then placed in different webshops. Completely automatically!

Prefer not to run App orders through the web store? Then choose the option to have orders delivered directly to your ftp server.



Which products are ordered regularly? Which ones are not? Are there any products that we may need to remove from the range?

The answers to these questions are essential for good advice to your customer. That's why BarTrack StockManager offers extensive statistics that enhance your insights.


Connecting your online store

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Whether your webshop is a proprietary application or running on a well-known platform. We connect any online store easily. Guaranteed.


Linking products

BarTrack has a link with Channable. If your wholesaler is also connected, selected products will automatically be added to HuB. Not only does this save a lot of work, but more importantly, the product information in BarTrack is always up-to-date.


24/7 Support 
via our Support Portal

  • Questions from orderers and our own employees will be answered by our support team the same day

  • Download promotional materials for introduction to customers

  • On BarTrack's Youtube channel there are 10s of videos with more information

  • Your own promotional video on your website? We'll arrange it for you!

Connect customers in 4 easy steps

Maak een account aan in 4 eenvoudige stappen

Step 1

Create an account with BarTrack.

Step 2

Import articles into the BarTrack HuB. This is done very easy via csv.

Step 3

Create a Start list for the client. The Start List appears directly in the client's app.

Step 4

Invite customers with one push of a button. BarTrack is completely free for customers.

Start now!