The new platform for

mobile ordering


More digital and error-free orders

With the BarTrack App, the user scans the barcode and the order is directly sent digitally to the wholesaler. Fast, error-free and at a lower cost. Scan, click, done!


More customers at lower costs

  • Join a platform with more than 500,000 products

  • Increase ordering convenience and get more customers 

  • Reduce your costs because all orders come in digitally

  • Help the customer manage his stocks


Free stock management for the customer

Via the BarTrack App the customer will be able to print barcodes himself. In this way, the inventory location can easily be labelled with barcode stickers. This will make stock management a lot easier. 


Support & Training

  • 1st line customer support

  • Dozens of instruction videos for team members.

  • Download promotional items for introduction to customers

  • Embed code for an animation on your own website, featuring your own logo

  • Get access to our Support portal

Let's get to work!

Getting started with BarTrack in 3 easy steps


Connecting to the BarTrack HuB

In order to use the App, all that is needed is to link the webshop. This is possible for every webshop. Guaranteed.


Prefer ordering directly to the FTP server? That is also possible!

Watch the video instruction



Add your products

After adding your items, they can be ordered directly by all BarTrack users. Next, print barcode labels for your customers. They can use these at the stock location where your items are stored.

Barcodes can be printed on Avery stickers or on labels using a Dymo labelwriter.

Watch the video instruction


Management via the

BarTrack HuB

In the HuB you manage everything related to the App. You authorise users, gain insight into the use of the App, you can print barcode labels and you have access to extensive statistical information.


The HuB supports you in making the digital ordering process simpler and cheaper.


Watch the video instruction

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