Barcode label printing

The lack of barcodes in your warehouse makes re-ordering difficult and time consuming. That is why at Bartrack you can easily print barcode labels yourself!



Install the App

Go to the App Store or Google Play and download the free BarTrack App. Fill in your details and you're ready to go.

BarTrack barcode scanning


Go to PC with printer

Go to the PC to which a printer is connected and navigate to the login page.

PC with printer


Log in with your mobile

Open the BarTrack App and go to 'BarTrack Web/Desktop'.

Then scan the QR code with your phone to securely log in.

log in.jpg


Create your barcode labels

Make a selection of the barcode labels you want to print and add them to a unique list. In this way you can easily create an overview of required barcodes per stock location.

Barcode label - BarTrack



Print your labels. You can choose to print Avery stickers or create labels using a Dymo labelwriter.

Dymo Labelwriter